8 Huge Benefits of Learning the Arabic Language

The history of Arabic language goes back to 4th century A.D when it was spoken in the Syrian deserts. Due to its lyrical tone, it was mainly used as a means of poetic custom in the Arabian Peninsula and its adjoining regions since then. It has basically originated from the Afro-Asiatic (or Hamito-Semitic) group of languages. Most of its modes of communication are vanished already, but Arabic and Herbew are still verbalized, written and understood with former being implicit in the entire world population. Every word of it originates from a specific root verb.

Arabic is the 5th most frequently spoken native diction in the world. It is majorly used by Muslims worldwide, with over 200 million people in various Arab countries, and well recognized in different regions of Africa as well. It was included as the 6th official form of speech in the United Nations because of its widespread usage all over the globe. Besides, it is also the representative tongue in the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), and the African Union.

Because of its extreme usage, the knowledge of this lingo has become need of the hour and follows up with some key benefits which are described below:

Being the Certified Language of Quran

The biggest advantage Arabic has over other languages lies in its great importance in the lives of Muslims, who are second largest population in entire world on the basis of religion. Moreover, the Sacred Book of Allah SWT is revealed was this form of speech over the Last Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The Holy Quran is a Divine Scripture which is read, understood and taught to other Muslims on a daily basis. So, it really serves the purpose for one to get itself familiar with this lingua franca in order to first comprehend the Religious Instructions better and be able to help others in Quran teaching.

High Demand of Arabic Speakers in the West

Due to high emergence of Western attention towards Middle East, whether it is for resolving peace issues between some countries or the wild spread of Multinational companies in such states, the basic understanding of Arabic is the very first thing to do so as to interact with locals productively. As, the West is facing acute scarcity of people who are proficient in Arabic, be it in Journalism, Foreign Affairs, and other businesses etc. there is a great opportunity for people to learn this lingo and make their careers count in various fields.

Being Basic Part of Arab Culture

Language is the fundamental fraction of any civilization. As, the Arab countries have become the centre of attraction for World Trade lately, so, the success in any dealings with them depends largely on the understanding of Arab verbal communication first. The Global Economy is targeting population in this region, which has opened many business opportunities in the Middle East. Thus, knowing about their native language is the foremost thing to do to be able to understand their needs, preferences and values efficiently.

Influence on Other Languages

Being the official tongue of Islam, when the early Muslims tried to spread the word of Allah in other parts of world, they came in contact with other societies and nations. That resulted in the adoption of many Arabic words in local languages like Farsi, Turk etc. The present European modes of speech such as Spanish and Portuguese also have inherited numerous terminologies from Arabic because of Muslim reign in these parts of the world. Furthermore, the Europe got much of the enlightenment from this lingo as it included the pre historic languages like Green and Latin merged in it. As, English has emerged through many other European tongues like Portuguese, Italian etc. so it also has indirectly got influenced much from Arabic. It would also be useful in removing doubts about the savage behavior of Arab Muslims, when one talks to them and realize their views.

Major Arab-American population in U.S

According to a recent survey, there are about 3.5 million Arab immigrants in the United States. Most of them have greatly contributed in the progress of this country. Many of us would not know that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. who revolutionized the experience of computing and mobile phones, was also an Arab-American. There have been many other renowned American personalities who actually had the Arab origin. Due to highly growing number of them, there is a need for understanding Arabic so that there could be no problem in communicating with them.

Usefulness during Performing Hajj

Being a Muslim, one should at least have the basic understanding of Arabic language so as to understand different signs, speak with people well either in case of emergency or for sake of friendly conversation etc. During the Holy month of Dhu al-Hijjah, Muslims from all over the world visit the Sacred Kaaba and Roza e Rasool (PBUH) in Makkah and Madina respectively, so it is vital to have some insight about Arabic diction so that one could offer this religious obligation without any problems in communication.

Finding jobs in Arab countries

Many Multinational organizations have recently moved to Middle East, like in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. They regularly search for foreign competent workers who could contribute to their business operations. There is also a dearth of professionals among the locals of such countries, which is why they look for people from other countries. So, it is opens great prospects for those interested in moving to Arab world for living to speak, write, read and understand Arabic language.

Opening Jobs for Online Quran Tutors

It is quite hard to find instructors of the Holy Quran in the Western countries. So, those who know the Arabic lingo and have full command on it, can benefit from this emerging job market, and teach children abroad by just sitting next to their computers.

In short, Arabic always was and still is one of the most significant and influential languages. Learning this style of speech opens a lot of new avenues especially for Muslims to learn and educate others about Quran, and is also in the greatest interests of the Western world.

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