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Our Inspiration

Muslims living in countries of non-Muslim descent never found it convenient to get access to reliable sources of getting their children equipped with Quran knowledge and other Islamic teachings. It was the plight and misery of a few of such families who were desperately in search of a source of quality Quran education for their children that inspired and motivated QuranTutor.com to come into existence during early 2005 within the state of Maryland, U.S.A. That also propels us among the pioneers of introduction of online Quran tutoring and ever since its inception QuranTutor.com has imparted Qur'an knowledge to thousands of students from all around the globe. Our learned Quran tutors make sure to equip students with knowledge of Qur'an following Tajweed principles.

What is QuranReading?
How it Works?

How is it beneficial for you?

With our vision, experience, and expertise, we have transformed online Quran reading into an affair as convenient and effective as any conventional Qur'an learning institute where our tutors share all their knowledge of Qur'an and Islamic theology with students sincerely and devotedly. One-on-one interactive environment offered by QuranTutor.com guarantees addressing each student individually irrespective of their age, gender, and ethnicity. All that students need to be a part of this wonderful spiritual learning experience is a working computer system connected with internet, so that our experts can guide them through with the rest to commence their spiritual learning journey.

We offer

The online Quran learning courses offered at QuranTutor.com include:

  • Quran Reading Course
  • Quran Memorization Course
  • Quran Recitation Course
  • Quran Translation Course

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