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The Five Basic Rights of A Muslim In A Muslim Society

Islam is not just a religion that contains commandments pertaining to religious obligations, rather it is a code of life and all the instructions and guidelines that it brings can help in laying the foundation of a healthy and civilized society. Therefore, it is quite common among Muslims to adopt Islam as the law or

A Muslim’s Response to Kidnapping of Nigerian Girls by Boko Haram

At present world the greatest threat that the Muslim world faces is from the Muslims who have gown down the path of ignorance and tyranny and are bringing troubles and atrocity to Muslims and deteriorating the image of Islam as well. The actions of such people have brought greater harm and damage to Islam then

The Major Roles of Women in Islam and Society

There were times in the human history when only men were considered the center of creation and universe, while the women were considered lesser beings with no human or social rights whatsoever and who only served as a means of sexual gratification and subservience to men. However, the scenario was first changed fourteen hundred years