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Judgment Day in Quran

Life, a trial preparation for the eternal realm of existence whereas death is universally accepted and irrefutable fact which regardless of creeds, faith everyone has to bear. The question looms in the mind of every single person that what will happen when they die, to this query Holy Quran holds complete answers by entailing that

All About Hajj 2015

Hajj is striving in path of Mighty Lord, relinquishing worldly luxuries, refraining from lucrative desires, accomplishing rituals to reinvigorate the bond with divine creator by venerating the practices of Hazrat Adam (AS) and the apostles till date. Hajj is the fifth most fundamental pillar of Islam, which commemorates several sacramental ceremonies that symbolizes the essential

Hajr e Aswd (The Holy Black Stone)

The reverend black stone placed in the center of Ka’bah was meteorite sent down by Allah Almighty to estimate the precise location where exactly the Holy Ka’bah is to be built. Holy stone of Hajr E Aswad provides Muslims with a starting and ending point for the seven times circumambulation around the Ka’bah. Hajr E

Importance and Method of Performing The Tahajjud Prayer

Consider yourself among pool of people standing in the realm of supreme deity for the accountability of committed deeds, pleading for mercy and forgiveness. All standing on the same scale but few get distinction upon their innumerable extra deeds that they have done for merely Allah’s pleasure. That contrition time would be too late to

Offering Istekhara for Seeking Allah’s Consultation

When a human confront any hardship and is ambivalent in any particular matter related to social, personal or academic perspective, he usually seek someone‘s guidance to persuade him towards the righteous beneficiary track. The best recommendation is to opt the advice of the one who is connoisseur in that field and despite being what we

Best Islamic Apps & Games for Muslim Kids Learning

Religion Islam is the only acceptable religion insight of Allah pertaining to the blessings and bounties it entails upon every Muslims. The phase of childhood when one is born is utmost pure bearing empty slate, which is the time to reinforce Islamic teachings to enlighten kids with the divine teachings of Islam and Quran that

How to Perform Salatul Hajat – The Prayer of Need

Humans are born to worship Allah Almighty as a sign of servitude by prostrating in front of Him to beseech mercy and plea for forgiveness. The fragile nature of humankind makes them susceptible to fall for the lullabies of satanic whispers making them astray from their real cause. In divine scripture of Quran, Allah the

Attaining The Level of Tranquility in Prayers

Salah (congregational prayers) being the second most significant pillar of Islam holds core implications by providing a way to invigorate the bond with Supreme deity. Salah strengthens the foundation of faith that is obligatory upon every sane Muslim and deemed of high comprehension to be forgivable under few conditions. Prayers involve invocation, supplication, and worshiping

Permissible and Avoidable Things During Hajj

Hajj is the last divine pillar of Islam which strengthens faith, perseverance and comprises practices that reinforces commitments towards Allah Almighty. Hajj is a veneration that symbolizes the core dogmas of Islam i.e. yearning to turn towards Allah wholeheartedly with ardent devotion. It exemplifies equality, which is a re-enactment to the rituals and teachings of

Maximizing the Impact of Zakah

Zakah (Charity) is one of the five fundamental Pillars of Islam, which is compulsory to perform on every Adult Muslim with enough financial resources. It is the concept that involves the outcome of spreading and maintaining equality and fairness in the society. The poor, who cannot fulfill their daily life needs, are funded through it