Best Islamic Apps & Games for Muslim Kids Learning

Religion Islam is the only acceptable religion insight of Allah pertaining to the blessings and bounties it entails upon every Muslims. The phase of childhood when one is born is utmost pure bearing empty slate, which is the time to reinforce Islamic teachings to enlighten kids with the divine teachings of Islam and Quran that comprises nothing but peace and blessings.

In the fast ever-forward era technology is the savior when the internal clock is hard to synchronize with the worldly clock yet lagged behind certain tasks. Regarding to the fact Islamic apps are the best tool to teach kids and make them familiar of the narrations deemed obligatory entailing to Quran and Sunnah.

Best Islamic Apps for Ramadan 2015

Apps that are worth downloading include:

1. LilMuslim

LilMuslim is an Islamic App that embarks learning of initial Arabic alphabets necessary to learn prior learning the sacramental revelation of Quran. Quran encapsulated solutions for all problems and to contemplate its meanings learning Arabic is a must thing. Arabic comprises Tajweed and for Tajweed LilMuslim is the best App.

Download LilMuslim for Android

2. Kids Dua Now – Word by Word

Dua is invoking Allah for one’s calamities and calling Him for the miseries. This App includes supplications of daily routine life that has divided into groups according to the age from easy memorization to bit difficult. App incorporates translation of Duaas along transliteration for easy memorization of supplications.

Download Kids Dua Now for Android | Download Kids Dua Now for iPhone

3. 10 Surahs for Kids

Surahs are narrations from the Divine book of Quran that holds soothing power for strengthening one’s faith upon Allah. This Android App includes last 10 Surahs from Quran that are enriched in blessings and will shower blessings upon the Muslims who will learn them. The best part of this app is that it highlights the rewards of each particular Surah related to it hence reinforcing the importance and significance for the kids.

Download 10 Surahs for Android | Download 10 Surah for iPhone

4. Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is the first step to make kid familiar of Quran. For the beginners this App holds perks because it is designed in a way to bound kids to the screen along simultaneous learning of the alphabets of Arabic language essential for the learning of Quran. This App in short is a perfect Islamic tutor with which you can make your kid familiar along convenient learning.

Download Noorani Qaida for Android | Download Noorani Qaida for iPhone

5. Step by Step Salah

Salah is a ritual that is obligatory upon every sane and sound Muslim once reaches to adulthood. Salah Application facilities the kid with the importance of prayers along steps starting from ablution to the Sajud. The silver-lining of this Application lies in the teachings of Salah according to the gender and time for five obligatory prayers.

Download Step by Step Salah for Android

6. 6 Kalma

For entering in the circle of Islam, one must bear witness that Allah is one and there is no Prophet but Muhammad (PBUH). These 6 kalma App covers all six significant kalmas to declare the oneness of Allah Almighty which is the considerable part of Tawheed.

Download 6 Kalma for Android | Download 6 Kalma for iPhone

7. 99 Names

Allah loves when His worshippers invoke Him for their needs. The beautiful 99 names of Allah almighty holds blessing within and Allah loves when Muslims call upon Him with His blessed names. This App is an easy learning tool for kids to memorize the beautiful names of Allah to glorify Him and to seek His blessings.

Download 99 Names for Android | Download 99 Names for iPhone

8. Ayat ul Kursi

Ayat ul Kursi is one of the imperative and reverent verse of Quran that holds with in itself gazillion bounties and virtues for the one who recites it. This application provides a convenient platform to the kids to learn and memorize this to grasp Allah’s innumerable blessings.

Download Ayat ul Kursi for Android | Download Ayat ul Kursi for iPhone

In short, download the aforementioned applications and make your kids familiar of the importance and vitalities of Quran and its verses as Stated in Hadith:

“The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Bukhari]

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