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Hajr e Aswd (The Holy Black Stone)

The reverend black stone placed in the center of Ka’bah was meteorite sent down by Allah Almighty to estimate the precise location where exactly the Holy Ka’bah is to be built. Holy stone of Hajr E Aswad provides Muslims with a starting and ending point for the seven times circumambulation around the Ka’bah. Hajr E

Attaining The Level of Tranquility in Prayers

Salah (congregational prayers) being the second most significant pillar of Islam holds core implications by providing a way to invigorate the bond with Supreme deity. Salah strengthens the foundation of faith that is obligatory upon every sane Muslim and deemed of high comprehension to be forgivable under few conditions. Prayers involve invocation, supplication, and worshiping

Eat Dates -They Are Good For You!

Allah SWT has blessed us humans with countless blessings in this world like food, water, shelter and many other enjoyable things. In foodstuff, we have abundant kinds of items that we consume daily like fruits, grains, vegetables, meat and dairy products etc. from which we further eat and drink many forms of delicious meals and

Muslim’s Obligations Towards Disbelievers

Being a Muslim is the greatest blessing of Allah SWT on anyone. Every believer has strong faith in the Oneness of the Almighty Lord and is aware of His commandments in both religious and other life matters. Muslims are the most lucky nation of all times as they have been consecrated with the unmatched leadership

Productive Ramadan Tips for Those Who Can’t Fast

Those people who do not fast yet are lethargic enough to follow their daily routine fail to understand the true essence of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ritual of fasting to refrain from food, thirst and all negative activities. Some people in the month of Ramadan tend to believe in storing energy for the rest of

The Four Poisons Of The Heart

Heart is the main organ in human body that makes rest of the parts function properly by pumping blood throughout the body. Even brain which is considered to be the greatest blessing also remains dependant on proper working of the heart. In Islam, it has been emphasized numerous times in the Holy Quran for the

The Indiscriminate Nature Of Allah`s Punishment

Right from the early days of human beings on this planet earth, Allah SWT has sent His Prophets among them so that they could live their lives according to the prescribed teachings of morality and righteousness. Many nations of the past Apostles of the Almighty Lord were caught up in His reprimand because of their

The Supermacy Of Learned Muslims

Every religion comes up with its own teachings and instructions for its followers. Most of them recognize the great importance of worshipping One true God. Whether it is a mosque, temple, or a church, the idea of adoring a Worthy Lord is a common practice throughout the world. These faiths also have their own sacred

3 Kinds Of Soils – The Excellence Of Seeking Knowledge

Knowledge is considered to be one of the top most assets that an individual can ever possess. It is the stepping stone towards success as it never lets one down. Having proper familiarity with things and issues of interest is the key factor towards accomplishing one`s goals and objectives. For example, to thrive in any

The Importance, Types And Benefits Of Sadaqah

Goodness is an essential part of human nature. A man feels inner satisfaction through committing virtuous deeds, like lending a little money to the poor and helping out a crippled person on the way etc. Such acts of kindness and compassion are the reasons why mankind still exists on the surface the earth; otherwise it